Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien

1. Lesben- und Schwulenverband Österreichs

Lesbians Against Transphobia #LwiththeT

Events on inclusive feminism in solidarity with trans people in the LGBTIQ community starts in November in Vienna.

With growing bewilderment, we have been observing for months how transphobic discourses try to drive a wedge between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and non-binary people. We, which is a coalition of majority lesbian women from various organizations in the LGBTIQ community, are taking a stand against transphobia in any form with this statement. Statements that deny

transgender people their right to exist, or even put their human rights up for discussion, are not opinions, but they stir up prejudice and hatred against transgender people. Such behavior has no place in our community.

We cannot and will not let transphobic statements and discriminatory behavior go uncommented and therefore see it as our duty to take a stand against the public, clearly transphobic statements of the Green Member of the Austrian Parliament Faika El-Nagashi. The fact that El-Nagashi will now speak as a keynote speaker at the LGB Alliance – an organization so transphobic that it is classified as a Hate Group by Global Project Against Hate and Extremism – speaks for itself. After her exclusion from the 3rd Eurocentralasian Lesbian* Community (EL*C) conference due to her transphobic statements El-Nagashi accuses an EL*C activist* by name of being to blame for her exclusion from the conference. While Faika El-Nagashi, as a Member of the Austrian Parliament, voluntarily puts herself in the public eye, she knowingly puts the EL*C volunteer activist at risk by publicly accusing her by name. We hereby call upon her to take responsibility for her actions and to ensure that the name of the activist she falsely accused is removed from the interview she gave. The fact that this interview is given to an openly trans-hostile medium, in which transgendered people are principally misgendered and defamed with wild conspiracy theories, unfortunately speaks a clear language. We observe how Faika El-Nagashi continues to burn bridges in many small steps instead of seeking dialogue in the many offers of conversation that have been made to her.

Solidarity needs more than words

Faika El-Nagashi does not represent the majority of the lesbian community and certainly not the LGBTIQ community in Austria. We are appalled by her behavior and stand in solidarity with all trans people, especially with the activist she attacked, and thank the organizers of EL*C for their clear action.

We as an association of majority lesbian women want to demonstrate our solidarity with trans people in the following months not only with words. On November 22nd, we will start a series of events focusing on the topic of “Inclusive Feminism”. It will start with a film screening followed by a discussion at the Schikaneder cinema. Together with the lesbian, queer and heterosexual community, and all other allies, we are forming trans-inclusive gangs! Let’s show that we won’t leave our trans siblings alone. Above all, let’s create spaces where we can respectfully discuss, share, and affirm each other. So this is also an invitation to talk, to educate ourselves and to clarify open questions.

We stand for an inclusive LGBTIQ community, where the struggle for rights and acceptance is not over until all members of our community enjoy all rights and are accepted throughout society. We will not be divided – neither from the outside, nor from the inside.


Katharina Schöll (Sprecherin der Grünen Andersrum Wien)

Ann-Sophie Otte (Obfrau der HOSI Wien)

Lisa Hermanns (LesBiFem-Referentin der HOSI Wien)

Tatjana Gabrielli (Vorsitzende der SoHo Wien)

Marty Huber (Queer Base)


Denice Bourbon; Rhonda D’Vine; Katharina Kacerovsky-Strobl; Dominique Trappl; Theresa Bergthaler; Petra M. Springer / Petra Paul; Claire Kardas; Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic; Kati Tribus; Vera Huber; Nelly Lötsch; Pandora Nox; AYGYUL; Miss BunPun / Ursi Wögerer; Katta Spiel; Louise Beltzung; Sara Hassan; Gazal Köpf; Faris Cuchi Gezahegn; P. Sußner; Farah Bazant; m Horvat; Alice Möschl / Alice Moe aka Eric big Clit; Nooshin Mehrabani; Julia Tinhof; Valerie Lenk; Eva Fels; Julia Köck; Viktoria Veronese; W1ZE; Lilly Janoska; ORQOA – Oriental Queer Organization Austria; Grüne Andersrum Vorarlberg; Verein Nicht Binär (Venib); Grüne Andersrum Salzburg; Vienna Roller Derby