The Regenbogenball’s programme is as impressive and diverse as our guest themselves. The table below gives a detailed overview of last years schedule. We will publish the schedule for 2018 as soon as possible.

Programme Overview


7:30 pmReception of the guests of honourGloriette-Bar

7:30 pmAdmission

8:00 pmOpening Resis.danse dance floorMaria-Theresia-Salon

8:00 amDesert WindÖsterreich-Ungarn

8:30 pmLounge musicGloriette-Bar

J’aime Julien & DJane Kamikace

9:00 pmEröffnungBallsaal


Les Schuh Schuh

Human Art Dance Company

Ruslanas Kirilkinas

10:30 pmDance musicBallsaal

Damenkapelle Johann Strauß


10:00 pmDesert WindÖsterreich-Ungarn

10:30 pmDance musicMaria-Theresia-Salon

Broadway Band

10:30 pmLucy McEvil & FriendsÖsterreich-Ungarn

Lucy presenting a music potpourri with her friends

10:30 pmOpening Regenbogenball casinoSophie-Salon


10:30 pmLounge-MusikGloriette-Bar

J’aime Julien & DJane Kamikace

11:00 pmOpening Regenbogenball discoBasement

The finest rock and pop music

11:30 pmDesert WindÖsterreich-Ungarn

0:00 amMidnight showBallsaal

Deborah Woodson

0:30 amBroadway BandMaria-Theresia-Salon

0:30 amDesert WindÖsterreich-Ungarn

1:00 amPublic quadrilleBallsaal

Damsel Wolfgang Stanek

1:30 amRuslanas KirilkinasÖsterreich-Ungarn

2:00 amDesert WindÖsterreich-Ungarn

2:00 amTombola drawingBallsaal

4:00 amTombola counter closes

4:30 amFinal WaltzBallsaal

All times may be subject to change.


Further information on performing bands and artists: Performing Artists.