Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien

1. Lesben- und Schwulenverband Österreichs

Appeal for support and solidarity

There are many ways to support us in our fight against this attack on freedom of expression, but also for the recognition, rehabilitation and compensation of those Nazi victims persecuted on the grounds of their homosexuality:

You can write to ÖVP party leader and Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel and tell him what you think of both these issues:

Österreichische Volkspartei
Lichtenfelsgasse 7
1010 Wien, Austria
Tel.: (01) 40126-0
Fax: (01) 40126-109

Schüssel has a record of ignoring protests and criticism – so it may even be more important and worthwhile to write to Federal President Heinz Fischer, a Social-Democrat, who is supporting HOSI Wien’s demands, to inform him about your concerns regarding these attempts to criminalise and intimidate a critical NGO, but also your disappointment with the treatment of homosexual Nazi victims in Austria to this very day:

Dr. Heinz Fischer
1014 Wien, Austria

You may also write protest letters to the Austrian embassy in your country, organise and stage a demonstration or picketing in front of it, issue media releases in your country or inform journalists, denouncing the non-recognition of homosexual Nazi victims in Austria – it is perfect timing now:

5 May 2005 – 60th anniversary of the liberation
of the concentration camp of Mauthausen, Austria

For Austria, this date will have the same significance as the 27 January 2005 had for Poland – and the whole world – marking the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

This year, the annual ceremony to mark the liberation of the Mauthausen camp will take place on Sunday, 8 May.

Please, send us copies of your letters, media releases (and media coverage for that matter) and inform us about any other activity you may carry out – and of course about any reactions from Austrian embassies, politicians etc.

For the event of a negative outcome of the court trials, HOSI Wien will have to pay high sums in legal costs. We already collect donations to save up some money. However, if we win the cases, we will return donations upon request.

In the euro zone, donations can be transferred to HOSI Wien’s bank account at BA-CA, using these data:

IBAN: AT71 1100 0002 3579 7800

(We can also accept donations via Master or Visa card.)
For any further information or inquiry you can contact us as follows:

Novaragasse 40
1020 Wien, Austria

phone/fax: +43-1-216 66 04

(Please find up-to-date contact and bank account information at https://www.hosiwien.at/en/contact/!)