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Filmabend im „Gugg“: „The Stranger“ & „If I had land under my feet“

„The Stranger“

Ein Kurzfilm über die Ankunft in eine neue Stadt. Die Geschichte erzählt, wie es sich anfühlt, der Welt entrückt und gleichzeitig in ihr verloren zu sein. Der Film erkundet innere Emotionen und versucht, das Gefühl von Unruhe über eine unsichere Zukunft zu thematisieren (von Abdulrab Habibyar, Fanny Kafka, Petra Paul Wasil Faizi).

A short film on the arrival in a new city. The story portrays how it feels to be disconnected and lost in a different world. The film tries to explore inner emotions of having no idea about the future. Based on real life experiences (by Abdulrab Habibyar, Fanny Kafka, Petra Paul Wasil Faizi)

„If I had land under my feet“

If I had land under my feet“ is based on the project 400 – the image behind – an action and temporary memorial in public space, focusing on the visualisation of a statistical number: the number of people who drowned in the Mediterranean during the first few weeks of 2016 in their attempt to escape from war and destitution. This was a one-off performance that made those people who had died more tangible through the targeted presence of about 200 people in public space. The assembly, position and exit of the people was staged according to directions and filmed with two cameras. One camera was fixed at the end of the street in an upper storey, giving an overview of the crowd. The second camera moved freely through the crowd and captured the individual faces of the protagonists. In this way the juxtaposition of an abstract mass versus individual became a theme. The recordings were made in black and white in order to create a form of abstraction and so concentrate the viewer’s attention on the people’s faces. At the end, the people gradually disappear as if spirited away, until all that is left is an empty street.“ (Lotte Schreiber)

(Konzept und Umsetzung: Lotte Schreiber mit TK1968+, Kamera: Johannes Hammel, Martin Putz, Ton: Andreas Pils, Schnitt: Lotte Schreiber, Assistenz: Lisa Brameshuber, Patrick Elgas, Ulli Gladik, Julia Hager, Thomas Herberth, Jan Kaisersberger, Audrey Klauss, Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Sasha Pirker, Lana Prerad, Fridolin Schönwiese, Mario Sefelin, Lutz Wiskemann)

Datum/Uhrzeit: Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017, 20 Uhr
Ort: Gugg, Heumühlgasse 14, 1040 Wien

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